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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bellachini's Cabinet Mystery

Preparation-- Make a large sack of dark flannel, 7 feet long by 2-1/2 feet wide. Cut two small holes two inches apart at back of sack, and as high as your wrists when standing in sack. Have four pieces of tape, two pieces one and a half feet long and two pieces one and a quarter long.

Commence by asking two persons to step upon the stage and allow them to examine the sack, have the two small pieces of tape in your pocket where you can get at them quickly. Next show the large pieces of tape and request the persons to tie a piece around each wrist and seal the knots. You now get into the sack and while getting in you must manage to get the tape out of your pocket and stick them through the holes in sack, and have them tied and sealed. It will now appear as if your hands were secured.

Pieces of tape are tied. Now you get in to cabinet and have curtain closed, and you can ring bells and blow horns, etc., etc. Then curtain is opened and knots examined. Now ask one of the committee to step in the cabinet, have his eyes blindfolded, curtain closed, then you turn his coat inside out, take off his collar, etc., and then get back into position and have curtain opened; this makes a laugh.

When ready to finish your act have knots examined, etc. After the person has untied the tape quickly pull them in and put them in your pocket and pull out hands, showing wrists as tied as first.

Whoever named this act, knew nothing about Bellachini or his work. He never did anything in this line.

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