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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bertram's Programme and Coin Trick

The program at the hall you are performing at should be (for convenience) printed on special paper. Linen paper. Preparation for the trick: You must now get one of these programmes and cut it into four equal parts and make out of it 4 little envelopes so that they will go one into the other. Now borrow a marked quarter on a small plate and then get a gentleman on the stage to hold the plate and keep his eye on the quarter. Take up the quarter in your finger and call attention to the fact that the coin is not for one moment removed fromtheir sight, but left in full view on the plate. Just as you are about to put it no the plate, ring the change and leave the substitute on plate and keep the marked one palmed. Now borrow a programme from any one and call your assistant to bring you a stick of sealing wax. When he comes on the stage and hands you the wax you put the marked quarter in his hand as you take the wax, and he at once goes off, places the coin in envelopes, one in the other, sealing them (sealing each one).

Performer now gives the programme to gentleman on stage teling him to wrap quarter in it. While he is doing this, the assistant places on table the envelopes and then walks off taking something with him. Performer now picks up wand from table and steps toward gentleman saying: "That is not the way to wrap it; take it out again," and the performer then spreads out the programme over his hand which contains the prepared packet. Now let gentleman place quarter on programme beneath thumb and crumple it up in hand at same time calling attention to the fact that you double it up with one hand ONLY and as you do so gradually work the parcel of packets up on the top of programme that you have just placed the coin in. Quickly get it to the tips of fingers and let gentleman hold it in his hand. You then take the sealing wax and strike the packet four times; then tell gentleman to unfold programme and to his surprise he finds an envelope sealed with wax, this he opens and finds another also sealed, then a third and a fourth, this fourth is given to the person of whom you borrowed the coin, and let him ascertain that it is the identical quarter he offered.

Now take the pieces of programme in one hand while with the other you secretly palm a nicely folded programme then place the piceds on it quickly and squeeze them up into a ball in one hand. Work the programme to the top, then to the end of fingers, and let gentleman unfold programme, and while he does so get rid of the pieces. Show programme is restored and hand it back to the person it was borrowed from, and end.

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