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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Braid and Tape Test

Take a piece of tape about two feet in your hand and call up two gentlemen out of audience to tie you up; after they come up you go into cabinet and sit down on the chair, which is a common spindle chair with the spindles running up the back, so when you sit down on chair give them the tape to tie around your wrist, they will tie it the same as vanishing knots. After they have tied one wrist you ask them what kind of a knot is this, at the same time pulling on one end of the tape thereby converting it into a slip knot.

Next you put your hands behind your back and at the same time run the other end through the back of chair, and let them tie it to the other wrist, expanding it as much as possible, for it gives you more room to work the knots back. You should always have two or three pieces of tape in your pocket tied with a slip knot, for if they should tie you too tight, you could break the tape and put it in your pocket and place one of the other tapes on your hands. Then perform your tricks such as ring bell, showing your hands through hole in cabinet, etc., etc.

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