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Monday, July 21, 2008

The Chameleon Handkerchiefs

Three silk handkerchiefs perfectly white, are given for examination; also a small sheet of paper, all of which is found to be free from deception. The paper is then rolled up in the form of a tube, the three handkerchiefs pushed in one at a time, a few "passes" and the paper is unrolled, when the handkerchiefs will be found to have changed to red, yellow and blue.

Secret-- For this trick you have a tin tube 3 inches long 1-1/4 inch in diameter; also a piece of white paper 8 inches square, and six handkerchiefs; three white, one red, one yellow and one blue. The three white handkerchiefs are laying on your table, also the paper for cone. Under paper have the tube prepared as follows: Cover the tin tube with one end of the red handkerchief, and sew it nicely, so that when you take the red handkerchief out of the paper cone, the tube hangs behind the handkerchief. You tuck the red handkerchief into the tube first, then the yellow one, then the blue one, and all is ready.

To perform, show the three white handkerchiefs one at a time, to prove that they are unprepared; then lay them on your table and take up the paper. The three white handkerchiefs conceal the tube that was under paper. Show paper and roll into a cylinder, then take up a white handkerchief at same time the tube containing the colored handkerchiefs, which is not noticed by audience as it is concealed by white handkerchief. Get the tube into the paper cylinder behind white handkerchief, in the act of pushing in the white handkerchief. As it is pushed in, out comes the blue handkerchief.

Next push in second white handkerchief and out comes the yellow handkerchief, then push in the last white handkerchief and out comes the red handkerchief, allowing it to hang over the paper cylinder, then catch it near top of cylinder and pull it out, tube and three white handkerchiefs are drawn out as the tube is sewed to red handkerchief, lay it on table, no one suspecting the red handkerchief contains a tube and three white handkerchiefs, now open paper and show it empty.

Another method of loading tube into cylinder is as follows: Have a fine wire loop attached to one end of tube, and concealing tube under vest at bosom, allowing loop to hang out. In the act of showing the paper (which you hold in both hands), catch thumb of left handk into loop, and as you start to convert paper into cylinder, secretly pull tube into same.

And still another method is to have the tube concealed on back of chair, and when you show white handkerchiefs throw them over back of chair, then show paper and make it into cylinder, taking up one of the white handkerchiefs you secretly take tube with it and push into cylinder, etc.

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