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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Demon Cards

For this experiment you require two packs of playing cards, one an ordinary pack and the other a prepared pack as follows: Take an ordinary pack and clip a small piece off the end of each card. When all the cards are cut this way the pack will be a trifle shorter than an ordinary pack. Have this pack lying upon your table where it will not be noticed. Performer calls attention to the ordinary pack and hands it to any person and instructs him to go among the audience and have any amount of cards selected.

Pack of cards are then returned to performer, who walks back to the table for the purpose of getting a glass tumbler and he secretly exchanges the prepared pack for the ordinary pack, these he places in the glass goblet and has any person go through audience and collect all the cards which were drawn, and shuffles the pack. Cards are then placed in performer's pocket and he at once produces all the cards drawn. All he has to do is to select the cards that are a trifle larger than the balance of the pack.

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