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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Dexter's Sealed Cord Test

Have board three by five feet with two staples in it, examined by audience or committee, board then placed against wall, a box height of chair and placed THREE INCHES FROM BOARD. The staples correspond to lady's neck, and about three inches above small of back.(?) Two gentlemen are chosen by audience to tie lady, first gentleman ties string around lady's neck through staple, good knot solid and secure. Next gentleman ties string around lady's wrist (right wrist) and passes string through staple to other gentleman. At the same time lady catches up a little slack of string and pushes her hand down behind her and blow the staple, gentleman then pushes lady's left hand back and ties the other end of string around her wrist, all ready, gentlemen leave the stage.

A plate is placed on lady's lap, glass of water placed on plate, curtain drawn in front of lady. Lady can reach and get glass and drink water, taps foot, curtain drawn back, audience sees glass empty, (also hears glass placed back on plate). Next, handkerchief is tied around lady's neck, (lady used one hand and teeth to tie knot), other tests, etc., etc.

Performer with a knife cuts string which is around lady's neck, lady bends forward and then cuts lower string close to hands and lets the piece of string drop behind the box. Lady steps forward and holds up hands to audience examine knots, etc.

Whoever named the above, "Dexter's Sealed Cord Test," know nothing whatever of Dexter, because he never used any such kind of a tying feat.

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