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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Eglinton Rope Test

An excellent rope tie, much used in England. Performer comes out with a piece of rope which he has someone tie around his wrist very tight, knots sealed, end of rope tied to chair back and sealed. Use cabinet or canopy, doors closed and tests occur.

Medium has a blade of knife sewed at back of trousers and cuts the cord right through and produces from his pocket another rope similar to the first one, "faked" as follows: have a piece of rope same length as the one in hand when coming before the audience, tie two single knots about three or four inches apart which will be two inches from the centre. Have these knots sealed with wax. Now tie a double knot on rope, tying ends together and have this knot about one inch or so on each side from the single knots. Have sealing wax on this knot also.

Performer takes particular notice how the first rope on his wrists is sealed and so he seals the knots, while the lecture is going on and can be done quickly. Medium then puts ends through back of chair and fastens rope as the first one was fastened then sits down in chair, thrusts his hands through the large loop, gives his hand a twist around so that the two single knots meet between the two wrists and these two knots being sealed separate appear as one, when wrists are together, and the two knots appear as one good knot.

Lights up, inspection follows and medium found securely tied. Conceal first rope, gentleman from audience cuts the rope to show all tied, or release yourself and disappear from back of canopy.

This is also mis-named; Eglinton, the medium, did not use rope tying feats.

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