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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hotel Hocus

Three salesmen went into a hotel to rent a room. The manager stated that he had only one room left, but all three could use it for $30.00 for the night. The three salesmen gave him $10.00 each and went up to their room. Later, the manager decided that he had charged the salesmen too much so he called the bellhop over, gave him five one-dollar bills, and said: 'Take this $5.00 up to the salesmen and tell them I had charged them too much for the room'.
On the way up, the bellhop knew that he could not divide the five one-dollar bills equally so he put two of the one-dollar bills in his pocket and returned one one-dollar bill to each of the salesmen.

This means that each salesman paid $9.00 for the room.
The bellhop kept $2.00.
Three times nine is 27 plus two is 29.......

The Question: What happened to the extra dollar?

Answer: The calculation just makes no sense. The three salesman paid $27, of which the manager got $25 and the bellhop $2.

Conclusion: There's no dollar missing at all.

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