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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ice Freezing Extraordinary

A square tin box is brought on the stage and placed on a skeleton frame, shown empty and where it remains during the entire experiment. It is then filled with water and covered with a thin cover. A candle is then placed under tin box, about the centre and remains there a few moments, then cover is removed and a large cake of ice, nearly filling the box, is taken from box. The ice may be either broken and previously borrowed articles found imbedded in it, or ice for making lemonade (magically).

Explanation-- Box is made on plan of Inexhaustible box, i.e. bottom double and works on hinges, show frame and set box on it, the box containing cake of ice. Tip box towards audience and thus show empty, tip towards shelf and show bottom solid, etc. Water runs down side of ice, through hollow legs, into bottom of frame. There are two holes in the real bottom for the water to pass through, these being near corners, over front legs, and are concealed by fingers when box is turned forward to show empty. Use faked pail having false bottom near top to show full of water. Ice cannot entirely fill box, as tin could not be tipped forward. Size ascertained by trial.

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