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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mysterious Cabinet of the Mahatmas or Wonder of Wonders

On the stage is seen a small round cabinet resting on a high pedestal. Performer comes forward and invites a committee from the audience to come up on the stage and examine the cabinet; when they have finished the examination of the cabinet they take seats all around it, and the performer closes cabinet door and also takes a seat with the committee and commands the spirits to open the cabinet door; instantly it opens and manifestations take place. Then the performer asks the spirits to turn the cabinet around so audience can see on all sides, as well as committee; instantly cabinet revolves around without any one going near it. Musical instruments are placed in cabinet and are played; a glass of water placed in cabinet disappears; an empty basket placed in cabinet is filled with natural flowers; faces, hands and spirit forms are seen in cabinet, in fact here is no end to the number of tests that can take place in this cabinet and without a person going near it.

Secret-- The cabinet part is what is commonly called the cheese box, it is the same shape only larger. Cabinet is placed on a pedestal. There are two mirrors occupying about a quarter of cabinet. These mirrors meet at the center post, and sides of cabinet being reflected in these mirrors, audience thinks they see all of cabinet.

Person who produces manifestations is seated behind these two mirrors.

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