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Monday, July 28, 2008

The Mystery of L'Hassa

Effect-- Performer comes forward and, picking up two trestles which are now on the stage, he walks to foot lights to show that the trestles are unprepared; he places the trestles in center of stage about six feet apart. Next he places a board on the trestles and introduces a young lady, and after making some hypnotic passes over her, picks her up and places her on the board on trestles. He now removes the two trestles from under board and, to the astonishment of the audience, the board with lady on it is seen floating in space.

Secret-- There is a curtain hanging at back of stage, it is of a striped pattern, lines running up and down (dark lines on light back ground). The two trestles we will call No.1 and No.2. Pick up No.2 first, swing it around, then do the same with No.1; then place them in center of stage, (well back), just far enough apart to allow board to rest on them. No.1 trestle is unprepared, but No.2 has a wire fastened to it. The end of wire is made into a loop and this loop goes around two nails, one on each end of trestle. The wire does not show as the back ground conceals it, as it is a striped pattern. The end of wire goes to top of stage.

Now show the board (which is a foot and a half longer than the lady used in the illusion), and lay it across the trestles, getting end in loop of wire on trestle, take a long stick and wave it all around, over and under board, but you must guard against hitting wire on end of board. Now introduce the lady and, apparently hypnotize her, then pick her up in your arms and lay her on the board, (feet towards trestle No.2). Assistant now brings in a leather pillow from side of stage to which is fastened second wire, running to top of stage; the pillow is placed under the lady's head, at the same time get wire under the board. Now remove trestle No.1, then trestle No.2, and lady lays floating in space on the board and front curtain is dropped.

An improvement can be made on the above by having the board drop to the floor when you remove trestles. In order to do this it is necessary for the lady to wear a sheet-iron band over her shoulders under dress; aso a sheet-iron band around the calf of each leg, under stockings. These iron bands are to protect the lady from being cut by wires, as one in this method is placed around lady's shoulders, when placing pillow under her head, and the other wire is placed under her legs when placing her on the board. Lady must make herself very stiff, so that when trestles and board are removed she will lay straight in space.

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