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Monday, July 21, 2008

New Postal Card Trick

First take a postal card and prepare it with writing, then fold it twice, but before folding tear a square corner off, place the folded card in one of your vest pockets and the corner in the other. Now fold your card in the middle lenghtwise once, and then fold in the middle crosswise once. When you wish to introduce the trick show comittee a clean card, while they are looking at it palm your prepared card and corner, then take the card from comittee, hold it up so audience can see it and tear off a corner as near the shape as you can to prepared one.

Now ask one of the comittee to fold the card and while he is doing so give the prepared corner to one of the comittee and get away with the clean corner, now take the folded card from the person and while showing it to audience exchange for the prepared card and place this in someone's hat with a lead pencil, then request spirits to write. After a few moments request party to take the card adn see if there is any writing on it. Let him read messages and match corner to the one other party holds and it will, of course, be found to fit exactly.

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