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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Programme, Ring and Envelopes Trick

Effect-- A ring is borrowed, also a programme, and the latter is torn in two. Volunteer is invited on the platform. Half of the programme is spread over the hand and the ring placed on it. The performer then squeezes up the programme and ring, and commads the programme to change into a series of envelopes, with the ring in the center one, and this is found to have been done. Volunteer has to open the four envelopes before the finds the ring. Performer now repeats the trick with the other half of the programme, and again the ring is found in the innermost envelope, and is returned by the volunteer to the owner. The broken envelopes are then taken in the hand, squeezed up, and transformed into programme again. "Very elaborate effect."

Secret-- The ring is changed on wand (old dodge). The first series of envelopes is perfect (made out of similar programmes, of course) and carefully sealed up with dummy ring inside, concealed (say) in right pochette, and (when programme is handed) taken between root of thumb and finger--forefinger. The programme is laid on the hand, the substitute ring is placed thereon under the thumb, all squeezed up, and envelopes produced--the programme is slipped into pocket while the audience are gazing at the opening of the envelope. Lay great stress on the fact of each envelope being securely fastened, and ask the volunteer if he can take out the ring without breaking the seals, etc., etc. Meanwhile arrange for the repetition of the trick. The second series of envelopes is open at one end, and has a flat thin tube (a la shilling in ball of wool) down into "not quite" the bottom of the smallest one (the tube to fit loosely), and place each succeeding envelope was side downwards.

While the volunteer is working with the first set, drop the borrowed ring down the tube into the innermost envelope (say in the right pochette) shake the tube, withdraw it, then bend the ends of the envelopes over tightly, and proceed with the trick with the second half of the programme as before, asking the volunteer if he would like to do the trick.

A good finish is made by collecting all the envelopes, having a complete programme in the hand, and changing them for it. To do this simply squeeze up the bundle, bring the programme to the top, and hand it over, immediately taking wand in hand.

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