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Monday, July 28, 2008

New Spirit Hand

This is for a private sitting with one man in cabinet or dark room. The victim and the medium sit oppostite each other at a round table. The medium says, "Place your feet on my toes, sir, now you could feel my feet if I should move?" The victim says: "He can;" but he cannot. The medium's foot is quietly slipped out of a very neat imitation of the toe of a shoe made of steel and is held down by the victim's foot. While the medium is asking a few questions, a rubber hand is pulled from the trouser leg and adjusted by a fairly long piece of steel upon the right foot.

The operation requires but half a minute, and then the medium says: "Now sir, place your hands upon mine, if I was to move you would know it?" Spirit hand now appears and disappears, it will tap a tambourine hanging over victim's head and will slap him in the face, etc. Finally the medium releases the victim's hands, rises and with a piece of rubber used for the purpose draws the hand back to his leg with a snap.

The seance is over and the man believes.

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