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Monday, July 28, 2008

New Spirit Pictures

Effect-- Medium shows a wooden frame, on which is a piece of cloth, both sides of which are shown and this is placed on an easel. A lamp is then placed behind cloth thus rendering it transparent, and impossible for anyone to touch cloth from behind without being seen. Lights are then lowered a trifle, a little music, and a spirit picture is slowly precipitated upon the cloth in colors, this being visible to every one present.

Secret-- For this experiment procure the following ingredients from some druggist: "Sulphate of Iron," for blue; "Nitrate Bismuth," for yellow; "Sulphate Copper," for brown; make solutions separately for each, by dissolving a small quantity of each ingredient in warm water. Now make a solution of "Prussiate of Potash," and put it in a bottle Atomizer. Now with a brush for each color, make a picture, landscape, portrait or anything you desire, on a screen of unbleached muslin, when dry these are invisible. Show the screen and set it on an easel in front of cabinet, now slightly dampen muslin and place a lamp back of it on a chair, lower lights a trifle: your assistant or medium in cabinet takes the atomizer, and from behind sprays all over the back of screen with the solution of prussiate potash, which slowly brings colors out.

Effect is weird, and, although, perhaps not artistic, it is a novelty and is apparently done by unseen agency. Light being placed at back of screen, audience can see that no one approaches screen. A little music covers sound of atomizer. Always see that the atomizer is screwed up air tight before using it.

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