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Monday, July 28, 2008

New Spirit Post

A piece of two by four scantling is brought upon the stage and a hole bored through it by a member of the committee at a spot where the auger has been started by performer. The scantling which is about four feet high is then nailed to the floor. Performer sits with his back to the scantling and his hands behind him. Two ropers are handed to the committee and they are instructed to tie each rope around each wrist of the performer.

All knots are sealed and strips of court plaster are pasted around the rope, and they are drawn through the hole in scantling and a big knot tied to them at the back. Strips of court plaster are pasted around the knot and joined to the wood so that it cannot be moved. A spike is then procured and driven into the scantling. Two guy ropes are then tied around the spike and these are used to brace the scantling and keep it firm. A sheet is placed over performer and hands appear through openings. They ring bells and write messages to people in audience. The committee pulls sheet away and performer is found to be bound as at first. The court plaster strips are still around knot.

A large (dry goods) box is placed over him and he does a few more wonders. All of a sudden he rises and yells, "Take it off," "Take it off," and they remove the box and find him free. The rope has been cut from him although in his position it would be impossible for him to do it himself.

Explanation--The scantling has had a piece taken out of it near the top, into which the bit, or blade of a carpenter's plane is inserted. The hole for the rope is cut a fraction of an inch beneath the blade. The plug which was taken out to make room for the plane blade is fitted back on top. When the committee man drives the heavy railroad spike into the scanting it forces the plane blade down through the rope and the performer's hands are free and all work takes place.

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