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Sunday, July 27, 2008

One of the Davenport Rope Ties

Use a common wooden bottom chair with two holes at back of seat. Rope used is about two yards long, and tied around one wrist up as far as possible, both hands then placed behind back and wrists tied together, performer holding his arms as straight as possible, so that the rope is tied well up on wrists; then performer steps into cabinet and ends of rope are pushed through holes in chair and secured, door closed and work commences.

The cord being well tied up the performer's wrist, by slacking the hands he can easily squeeze out the knots. From position behind it is impossible to tie hands so that one cannot be gotten out. Once out he slackens the other knot and hand slips out.

When manifestations are through he appears with rope in his hands and says he will be found tied up as the audience tied him in the space of one-half minute. While talking he folds rope up in hands and at the moment door is closed he changes it for another concealed rope of same kind tied in a double bow knot, loops being in the centre. By pulling ends, loops become smaller and tighter on wrists; he ties ends under chair, slips hands through loops giving one a full turn around and holding arms and hands as at first, he appears similarly bound. Inspection follows.

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