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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Slade's Wonderful Spirit Knots

With this trick Slade very succesfully duped the celebrated German Scientist, Prof. Zollner.

Secret-- Have two cords of the same length and same kind, into which have your "victim" make three knots. In your sleeve you also have two similar cords without knots. The four ends of the last two cords extend as far as the ring you wear on middle finger of right hand, they are just pulled through under this. Take the knotted cords and place the four ends together, at the same time secretly pull out the four ends from under the ring and place them over the end of the first cords so that first ends are hidden by hand, while the spectator believes the visible ends to be the ones belonging to the knotted cords. Have these visible ends sealed to the table top or to a card, using if posible a stranger's seal, move hands towards the read and downwards, and the cords pull out of the sleeves. Take the knotted cords, bunch them up and get rid of them. In due time spectator finds that the knots have disappeared from the cords.

This experiment should be skillfully performed and proper mise-en-scene arranged for it, by reversing the process you can cause knots to appear on one or two cords that were apparently sealed to table minus knots. A table cloth pushed slightly towards the front of the table to make room for the sealing would more effectively hide the spiriting away of the first cord.

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