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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Spirit Circle Under Test Conditions

On a board the size of a table eyelets are carefully arranged at measured distances apart and in such a manner that there are two for each sitter whether lady or gentleman, one for the right handk and one for the left. Beginning at any point in the circle a piece of copper wire is passed around the arm of the first sitter through the eyelet in the board, around the other wrist through the other eyelet and so on to the next sitter. In this manner the wire is threaded through and through, fastening each person to the board and to the neighbor on either side, in fact to the entire circle. The company, including the medium being interlaced, the ends of the wire are tied together, the joint covered first with paper, then with wax and are sewed and tied as desired and any seal is set on. Now the lights are extinguished and the usual manifestations take place.

Secret-- The medium has on false shirt sleeves so all he has to do is to slip out his arms as soon as the lights are extinguished, then go through the various manifestations, replace his arms in the sleeves and call for lights. Now all can be examined and of course is found O.K. Then have some one cut the wire.

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