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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Three Knotted Charmed Handkerchiefs

Can be introduced into either light or dark seances or where hands say are handcuffed behind back, or any similar manifestation. First method: Is to borrow three handkerchiefs, have them tied up, or your assistant pulls the knots into the required slip knot, (the old knotted handkerchief "fake") and a simple pull with them of course separates them.

He simply hangs them on top of screen or in front of you, or cabinet in which you are manifesting, or he can throw them over to you, in either case you pull them apart. Tie one around each arm at elbow and third around head, slip hands into bonds again as you call for cabinet to be opened.

Second Method: Is to use your own handkerchiefs of which you have duplicates, the moment you receive the knotted ones which in this form may be knotted up in all sorts of form or ways by audience, or better still while assistant is making an observation. Before handkerchiefs are thrown into cabinet you free yourself and tie duplicates in the required position, and when you receive the knotted ones pop them into pocket, slip into bonds and have cabinet opened as you do so.

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