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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Appearing Lady

On the stage is a platform which is raised above the floor by four legs about 6 inches high. On this platform are four upright, s, one at each corner, this forming a frame on which to hang the curtains. Back of this there is a screen made of red calico. The performer goes behind the platform and pushes a stick through to show that there is no mirror, etc., underneath it.

The performer and assistant now prepare to put a curtain around the frame work. Performer and assistant each takes hold of the curtain and pull against each other to show that there is nothing concealed in it. This is done in front of the platform and conceals a small mirror being dropped under the platform by an assistant below the stage. It is dropped at an angle to reflect the bottom of the platform which is covered with the same kind of cloth as the background.

Performer and assistant take the curtain and place it on the frame work and form a cabinet. Performer standing in front holds the curtain with one hand and counts 1-2-3, curtain opens and there stands a lady dressed in white. She comes through a trap in stage and platform, the small mirror preventing her from being seen while ascending. Or have only trap in stage and let her come in the cabinet through a slit in the back.

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