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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Artist's Dream

This wonderful and charming illusion is meeting with great success in England. A large frame with a curtain in front rests on a three step platform on stage. Artist pushes aside the curtain, removes canvas with picture of lady on it from frame, turns canvas and frame around to show that no one is concealed anywhere about the frame and canvas. The canvas is then replaced in the frame, curtain drawn in front of frame and the artist seats himself on a chair, apparently goes to sleep and dreams that the picture came to life.

While in pretended dream curtain opens and a living lady steps from the frame, artist awakens and sees her. They exchange a few words, then she goes hack into frame; artist says, has my model come to life or have I dreamed it? He goes to the frame opens the curtain and there finds only his painted canvas; the lady having vanished.

The canvas with the painting on it is on a separate frame or stretcher which is very heavy, the top piece of this frame is hollow and contains a roller on which the canvas rolls up the same as the curtain in the watch frame.

On the back of the stretcher on each side is a handle, these handles are apparently placed there for the artist to lift the frame in and out by. But they serve another purpose which will be stated below. At the top corners of the stretcher are fastened two wires which lead up to the flies, over a pulley and then down behind the screens to the assistant, when the wires are slack the stretcher may be turned around just the same as if they were not there. The large frame is on rollers and may be turned around to show that there is nothing concealed in or behind it.

After showing frame and back and front of canvas artist sets the canvas back into the frame. When the canvas stands on the floor in position to replace, the lady comes up through trap door behind the canvas which conceals the movement, she takes one of the handles referred to above in each hand and places her feet on the lower part of the stretcher which projects enough for her to get a passable footing.

The artist now raises the canvas back into the frame. The wires attached to the stretcher are pulled by your assistant, this makes the lifting of the stretcher with the lady on it easy enough. Now all the lady has to do is to unfasten the canvas and let it roll up into the stretcher, she now steps out on the stage from under the curtain. After she goes back she lowers the canvas and hooks it. The artist then pushes aside the curtain and finds only the painted canvas.

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