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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Coin Through The Table

Effect: A quarter or a half-dollar is tapped on the table a few times, laid down and covered by the performer's hand. Mysteriously the coin has gone through the table and has fallen into the performer's other hand.

Secret: Begin with the coin lying about a foot from the edge of the table. Slide the coin all the way off the edge of the table to pick it up. Tap the coin on the table a few times, hold the coin in the palm of your hand and slap the coin on the table covering it with your hand. Tell the spectators that you are going to push the coin through the table and pretend to try as hard as you can. Uncover the coin saying it must not have worked, and tell them you will attempt to do it again. This time when you slide the coin off the edge of the table, drop it into your left hand. Reach under the table with the coin in your left hand and hit the coin on the bottom of the table as you pretend to slap the coin on the tabletop with your right hand. Pretend to push it through the table again, lift your hand and bring the coin out from under the table.

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