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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Color-Changing String

Effect: A white shoestring is held up for everyone to see, the magician passes his closed fist down the string, instantly changing it from white to black. The shoestring is then handed out for examination.

Secret: Two shoelaces are used in this performance, a black shoestring and a hollow white shoelace. Cut a small opening in the white shoelace and thread the black shoestring through the hole, so that the black lace is completely covered by the white lace. Hold up the lace with your right hand covering the hole in the white lace. Using your left hand, slide the white lace down while holding the black string with your right hand. The black string can be glued into the white shoelace for convenience, but for a better effect don't glue it so that the white shoelace can be hidden and the black shoestring can be examined.

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