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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Jumping Quarters

Effect: Six quarters are shown, three in each hand. After making a fist, one quarter has jumped to the other hand leaving two in one hand and four in the other. The hands are closed again and when opened there is only one coin left in one hand, and five in the other. Once again the last quarter jumps to the other hand leaving all six in one hand

Secret: The right hand picks up three of the six coins one at a time, secretly palming the first coin. Drop the other two coins into your left hand so that the number of coins is unnoticed, and close your fist. Pick up the remaining three coins with your right hand still palming the first coin. Slap both of your hands on the table to reveal that one of the coins has jumped to your other hand. Pick up the pair of coins with your right hand, palming the first coin as before, and drop the other into your left hand again. Slap the coins on the table, pick up the single coin with your right hand and palm it. Pretend to drop the last coin in your left hand and make a fist, pick up the rest of the five coins with your right hand and open both of your hands showing all six in one and none in the other.

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