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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Mango Tree

The rod of the table which may be a glass topped one, contains a piston, to which are fastened or rather hinged, ribs of an umbrella, the whole contrivance lying folded up in the hollow leg of the table. When the string of piston is pulled, the latter raises above surface of table and the hinged arms spread out by their own weight.

The piston rod has branches or arms which are made to resemble branches of a pink plant or rosebush by attaching to them feather leaves and flowers. (Pinks folding smaller than roses are preferable.) The flower flower pot used is a double one consisting of a heavy outside bottomless shell, the inside pot proper being made of tin and filled with sand.

After being examined the inside pot is got rid of, leaving only outside pot which is placed on table. In due time the piston raises and under cover of the handkerchief laid over the pot, the tree expands and visibly grows, fill at last it has attained its proper height. It is then shown and the flowers which are detachable, are, apparently snipped off and thrown over into a basket, which is exchanged for a similar basket of natural flowers, which are then distributed to audience.

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