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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Multiplying Bills

Effect: A borrowed bill is held openly in hands, both sleeves are rolled up and hands are shown to be empty separately. Hands are brought together and the borrowed bill is fanned out into ten or more bills, multiplying before the eyes.

Secret: Tightly roll several bills into a small tube and wrap it a few times with a piece of thread before the presentation. You must be wearing some kind of loose long sleeves, place the roll of bills in the crease in your left elbow, using the folds of your sleeve and the bend of your arm to conceal it.

Presentation: Borrow a bill and hold it in your right hand, showing your left hand to be empty, and push your right sleeve up. Pass the bill to your left hand and show that your right hand is empty. Push your sleeve on your left arm up and secretly palm the roll of bills in you right hand. Immediately bring both hands together and slowly spread your hands apart, unrolling the bills and fanning them out. This is a version of the Multiple Bill Production that requires a little more skill and hand sleight.

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