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Friday, August 8, 2008

New Half Lady Illusion

In the centre of the stage or on a platform is seen a half lady resting on a wooden horse with 4 legs.

The stage or platform must be 4 feet high. The trestle is 3 feet high and 3-1/2 feet long. On the top of the centre of the trestle make a bust like that used in "Swinging half lady" and have if, ironed on the trestle and finely finished. Black cloth is tacked to the back of the two rear legs. The walls at the back are draped with the same kind of goods. Have a framework in front and partly over lady, on which you hang curtains.

When you open the curtains audience sees the half lady resting on the trestle. The lady is behind the trestle resting on her knees, and leaning against the bust, which should be dressed in some light color. No lights are needed to shine inside as the front curtain hides everything. Have it very dark at back of front curtain and the trestle fastened to the floor.

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