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Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Silent Second Sight and Bank Note Test

The trick is performed as follows: The lady is blindfolded and seated in a chair with her back to the audience. She holds in her hand a slate or writes on a blackboard, just as you please. You then in the middle of the audience say that you will convey to her any date or number of words, etc., without sign or signal. The lady is breathing gently and regularly, but so that you can see her and notice the heaving of her breast or shoulders. You then start her counting by drawing a deeper breath than usual yourself. You watch her breathing and she counts her breaths and so do you and you stop her when she has breathed up to the number you want by again giving another deep breath.

Let us suppose we want the number 74. You begin; the lady is breathing regularly and you give a deep breath to start her so that as you ask for perfect silence she can hear you, and as soon as she has heard your breath she begins to count her own from the very next breath and when she has breathed up to the seventh breath you again give another deep breath, (just long enough for her to hear you) which tells her that the number is 7, and she goes on counting from that seventh breath and you again stop her on the fourth breath, when she at once writes down on the slate or blackboard "74."

This is the principle on which the trick is worked. You will then understand that you can convey any figure, card or letter by the code. You do this in a drawing room or even in a hall if you can get your audience to be silent. But where she cannot hear you from any long distance, you have someone behind the screen or curtain to start her by making some little noise with the mouth, or anything else your fancy may suggest, but this person need not have the least idea of how the trick is done and any child would do for that. All the child has to do is to make a little hum or noise each time he or she sees the operator look at the article which he (performer) holds in his hand. This noise is to start and stop the lady when necessary and takes the place of the deep breath.

The operator must remain perfectly still and not make any sign or sound but merely look at the article he holds in his hand each time he wants the little child to make the noise, as the child or whoever is behind looks through a small hole and can see the operator and is near the lady.

Thus, say you want to convey the Queen of Hearts. You look at the card or paper on which the name is written and immediately the child sees you look, makes the noise agreed upon. You then count the breaths up to twelve, when you look at the card again and immediately the child sees you look at it again, makes the sound. You then count the breaths up to three and then look at the card once more, which stops the lady, She then knows that the card is to be written down. The Queen of Hearts is conveyed by fifteen breaths, twelve for Queen and three for suit.

Of course you see that you can convey anything if you only arrange a code with a number for each article. You must practice it when alone for a time with your subject or assistant and you will soon learn it.

Dates of coins you only need convey as a rule the two last figures, as nearly all coins are Of this century. Numbers of bank notes, tickets or watches. Any card from a pack, count the Ace as one and when you get the Jack count it as eleven, Queen twelve and King thirteen. The suit will follow next by remembering that the Club is 1, Diamond 2, Heart 3 and Spade 4. Words by the following table:

-- 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1- A B C D E F G H I
2- J K L M N O P Q R
3- S T U V W X Y Z Z

Thus the name "Blitz," is conveyed by:

----1--------2---Meaning first column and second letter,
----2--------3---second column and third letter,
----1--------9---first column and ninth letter, and
----3--------2---so on.
----3--------8---This is learned without difficulty in a few minutes.

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