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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Noah's Ark

On stage is seen four uprights, upon which rests an elegant casket, in appearance of an antique boat; in the front side of it are two windows. Performer removes the cover and lets down all four sides to the stage, to show that nothing is concealed in it; the sides are closed up again and cover put on.

A large funnel is now placed in a hole in top of cover and the performer proceeds to fill the casket with water, bringing on pails of water to do so. After water is poured in performer opens the windows and takes out a large number of doves, rabbits, ducks, cats and all kinds of articles, etc., then removing cover, white clouds ascend and a lady is seen rising out of the casket, dressed to represent the rainbow. This is a first-class sensation, and a sure hit. No mirrors, black curtains or reflections used.

Secret-- The front and back and both ends let down to show empty. There is a small shelf on back of boat where girl is. You let front down first, then ends and back. Front and ends keep audience from seeing girl on back when it is down.

Put back up first then ends and front. Then pour in water and put on the boxes. As soon as front is up girl opens back and connects rubber hose to end of funnel which is placed in hole on top, the other end she places in hole on top of one of the legs, (all four of the legs are hollow and will hold a large pail of water,) after each pail of water she places rubber tube in different leg until four pails of water have been poured into top of boat.

As soon as done girl takes animals out of one of the compartments and places same in box nearest that end and then she takes some out of the other end and then back to first end, and soon until all the things have been produced. Then in due time she pushes up the lid of boat and makes her appearance on top of boat. Lady should be dressed in a very handsome costume.

While performer takes stuff out of one of the boxes girl is loading other box, these boxes form the ends of ark.

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