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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Psychonotism, or Silent Thought Transmission

As introduced by Prof. Verbeck and Mdlle. Mathilde in Paris and London and Guibal and Marie Greville in England and America.

Effect-- The performer, or better say, the professor, as there are two performers actually, advances, and with the seriousness of a hypnotist, announces the marvelous intuitive powers of his subject, Miss Venus. (?)

"Miss shall be hypnotized by me, and when launched into the hypnotic sleep, can and will perform any rational act that the spectators desire, despite the fact that I (the professor) will not speak one word during the performance. She will while in this trance walk among you and comply with your requests. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the trance-it of Venus. When I have her under control and in the hypnotic trance, I will move about among you, and you can convey to me by whisper what you would wish the medium to do, and you will find she will not fail in aught of your desires."

Miss Venus is now introduced by the Professor, she is pale and has two lovely black eyes. (?) Her hair, for effect, is loose on her shoulders. She is robed in white, a Galatean costume. She bows and smiles consumptively, and seats herself on chair facing spectators. The professor now, by means of any of the pantomimic gestures, pretends to hypnotize her, and she is or becomes hypnotized. (?)

Now performer goes among the audience, asking here and there what the spectators would wish the lady marvel to do, and having gone through say 12 to 20, he solemnly demands the strictest silence, and with serious mien advances toward medium without going on stage, and motions or waves his right hand in a downward movement in front of her. She slowly rises and goes through each performance desired, goes back to chair, slowly seats herself, and suffers (?) herself to be dehypnotized, then the performer recapitulates for the benefit of all what each spectator desired and how Miss Venus was successful in each and every crucial test.

Explanation: In performing this seance the performer must learn a code of signs and things, these things the professor forces into the minds of the people. Code to be learned for forcing:

1. Pull a gentleman's hair.
2. Turn up his trousers.
3. Tie a number of knots in his handkerchief.
4. Take watch out of gentleman's pocket and place it in another.
5. Open a lady's bag, take out her purse Or anything she may desire.
6. From out of a number of coins placed in a hat, pick out the special one which has been selected.
7. Write any number selected on a card.
8. Take a gentleman's cane or umbrella and put it in the hands of another gentleman.
9. Take glasses off a person and place on own nose.
10. Take off lady's (?) or gentleman's gloves.
11. Write down time by gentleman's watch.
12. Write autograph on programme gentleman holds.
13. Takes handkerchief out of person's pocket and ties it on neck or arm.
14. Ties a knot in watch chain, and so on.

This can be varied indefinitely as the reader must have already observed.

How to force these request. The professor pretends to hypnotize the subject, this as was said, is a sham, then going among the audience, he goes to number one, or first person, and asks this one what he would like her to do, he says, for instance: "Oh, let her tell me what I have in my pocket," or he would suggest some similar test. Oh, says the professor, you forget that she is hypnotized and we cannot have her speak, get her to do so and so, or this, or that, or so and so--and so the professor shoots out a volley of suggestions from his learned code rapidly, and as a natural result, the person selects one of these suggestions.

Going to the next he forces differently, and says, what shall she do for you? Turn up your trousers? Pull your hair? Tie a knot in your handkerchief? and so on. The professor here springs a volley of questions before gentleman has time to make any suggestions not mentioned by the professor, then seeing a lady sitting near with a bag, he says: Madam, have you a purse in it? Yes. Shall the lady remove it or anything else from it? and so on. Again you see a gentleman with glasses on, and suggest that the medium move the spectacles, etc. If, however, gentleman does not wish this done, professor suggests some of the other tests, etc., etc. Remember medium's eyes are closed all the time, and in going through audience professor asks each individual his or her request in whispers only, and he generally has each person whom he asks a couple of yards apart.

Again it is better when forcing questions to force only three at a time, and force them in rotation. To do this we should say he suggests three questions, but emphasizes or forces one of the three. Now, the professor has to keep his wits about him, for having gone to a sufficient number of the audience, he must keep mental track of the gentleman who selected No. 1 of code, he who selected No. 2 and so on. When he goes to stage to wave down Miss Venus, all she has to do is to follow the professor in front or at side, and the first he stops at (by signal) she merely does first on code, the second he stops at, she does second on code and so on right through.

The professor must remember where each chooser is seated, for example, suppose these lines are rows of people, and each word is numbered and represents those whom the medium has to go to.

The professor directs his medium to the person by the movements of his hands, he first shows her the rows in which the persons are seated, all the time waving his hands as if making mesmeric passes, and as medium is walking along the people very slowly, as soon as she reaches No. 1 performer drops left hand at his side, and the medium stops and pulls gentleman's hair.

Professor then directs her to No. 9 and she is then stopped again, and she turns up gentlemen's trousers, and when she gets to No. 3 performer tells her how many knots to tie on handkerchief, by the number of downward waves of left hand, at the same time making passes with the right.

To select any special coin out of a hat or other receptacle, Miss Venus takes all in the hat in her hand, the right, and lets them drop one by one into the left hand, when she reaches the proper article, performer turns to audience, as if silencing them, and says "hist." Venus however continues pouring them into left hand, and when all are in, she picks out the one she knows is correct.

These methods may be readily varied to suit the performer, who with a little skill and thought can work it up to most any extent.

Suppose something special and not in code is mentioned to be done, you have to whisper it to medium, and to effect this whisper, when in the middle of the test, you look around the audience, turning your back to medium, and you look as if you were looking for some person who selected something, and medium walks back to stage, you turn around, surprised to see the medium away from you, and follow her up, waving arms and hands energetically, and walk slowly around her, this near the stage, and rapidly whisper what you want to, at same time waving her back to audience, as it were, i.e. you leading her, you have to walk down aisle backwards and face to medium.

This of course can all be done while you remain on the stage with the medium, together with a committee seated about the stage, scattering your work among them, so as to avoid crowding about narrow aisles.

The medium's eyes appear to be closed all the time, but in fact are open sufficiently for her to see all movements of the professor. After becoming expert it will not be necessary to use the forcing code often, because all requests can be whispered to medium by professor without the audience becoming aware of it. He can do this when he escorts her from the stage to the audience, or as he occasionally passes her in the aisles, and the waving of his hands and arms in his different "passes" will partly tell her what she is expected to do.

This so-called Hypnotic demonstration has proven to be one of the most puzzling effects that have been introduced for many years.

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