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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Rapid Transit

A wire is run across the stage. On it are hung two screens about 7 or 8 feet apart, and about 18 inches above the stage. Screens are plain wooden frames covered with paper or cloth. Behind each screen placed a stool, the screen hanging about two inches below the top of the latter.

The performer gets on a stool behind one screen, and extends his hands to show that he is really there. Then lie draws his hands back, and in one instant, he is transferred invisibly behind the other screen. Here he shows both of his hands, and travels in an instant behind the first screen, and then he steps out before the audience.

Explanation:-- The frames are covered with paper or cloth, and are hung by two hooks, screen 1 is unprepared. Screen 2 is prepared as follows: It has two stuffed gloves behind it and a cord, holding the dummy hands behind the screen, the cord leads behind the stage to your assistant.

Performer gets on stool behind screen, extends his arms and shows his hands. Performer now draws in his hands behind the screen, and the assistant slacks on cord and the stuffed hands behind screen 2 drop out of their own weight, and represent the performer's hands. These false hands have white gloves on same as the performer, who has now apparently traveled behind screen 2. Now assistant pulls string. This causes the dummy hands to fold behind screen 2 and performer extends his hands from behind screen 1, and then he steps out before audience.

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