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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Safe Transporting Animals

One day a man was asked to safely transport a wolf, a cow, and hay from destination 1 to destination 2. Unfortunately, in order to get from destination 1 to 2, he had to cross a bridge. The catch was that he can only move them one at a time, and prevent one from eating the other. For example the wolf must not eat the cow, and the cow must not eat the hay. FYI: They will not each other as long as the man is present. How can he do it?

Answer: Move the cow first. Leave the cow in destination 2. Go back to destination 1, grab the hay and take to destination 2. Drop off the hay at destination 2, but travel back to destination 1 with the cow. Leave the cow at destination 1, and move the wolf at destination 2 and leave with the hay. Go back to destination 1, and move the cow to destination 2. Now all three have been moved to destination 2 without one eating the other.

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