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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Samuel's Bloodstone Wonder

A large white stone is inspected. Performer remarks that the old adage declares that you cannot get blood out of a stone, but this is now made possible by the Charmed bloodstone. Here he taps the stone several times with the hollow metal wand, at third blow wand and stone are lowered over a tray on table and blood pours from the stone into a glass tumbler on tray. Blood comes from wand. Blood is then vanished by vanishing glass of water, etc.

Stone is wrapped in paper and the package exchanged on servante for one containing a loaf of bread of same size, this is placed on run down. Performer fires wand at package, opens it and states that Satan has commanded the stone to change to bread. This bread can contain previously borrowed articles, or cards to be produced from it.

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