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Friday, August 8, 2008

Samuel's Mystic Percolator

A glass percolator (two gallon size) is used for this experiment. Percolator is shown to company perfectly empty, covered with a shallow silver cover, and given to a lady or gentleman to hold upright. A large silk handkerchief is thrown over it to exclude the light. Performer now empties a cornucopia of paper roses, which were a few moments before mysteriously produced from cone, right into tube of his blunderbuss, (large size tube) and shoots flowers into the percolator, where they are found as soon as the handkerchief is removed from it.

Flowers are concealed inside silver lid of percolator (on principle of coin cork) so that pressing a small projecting pin on top of cover when throwing handkerchief over it, the trap door bottom gives way and the spring flowers fall out, a spiral spring closing door again.

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