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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Two Dimes and the Half Dollar

Effect: The magician holds two dimes, one in each hand. He places them between his forefingers and thumb, proving there is nothing else is in his hands. When the magician pushes the dimes together he produces a half-dollar.

Secret: The dime itself conceals the half-dollar, surprisingly. Place the half-dollar in your right hand, in the bend of your fingers to palm it, keeping the back of your hand toward the audience. Place the dime in-between your finger and thumb tip, showing face forward toward you. Use your left hand to lift the half-dollar behind the dime, edge-wise, in the bend of your fist finger and your thumb (see photo at bottom). It is important to do this trick up close, and as close as possible because this only looks good when done straight on. Take the dime in the other hand in a similar manner as to avoid suspicion of the other hand, and show both hands openly but briefly. Bring your left hand around to your right covering your right hand with your fingers, and press the dimes together. Although not necessary, if you like you can conceal the dimes now, it will make the effect much more surprising. Turn the half-dollar from its side to face forward, while your left hand still conceals your movements. Spread your fingers on your left hand to produce the half-dollar.

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